FOR SALE:   AA transmission, model year unknown. Complete but not tested.  Also an Make offer.  Call Mark Williams  757-377-1393

FOR SALE:   1931 Model A Fodor DeluxeTown Sedan black. Was George Keller’s car. In top shape; it’s a beauty with gray soft mohair seats. Has won trophies; you will love it.  NEW lower price.   Contact 757-471-5485.

FOR SALE:    two 1959  DeSota’s  4 door Hard Top deluxe & 4 door sedan , As is, Contact 757-471-5485

FOR SALE:   1930-31 Radiator, just worked by Culpepper Radiator. $250.00  Don Hege 484-1964

FOR SALE:  1928-29  repro keyed Steering Wheel,  still in the box.  $90.00    David Curl,